India’s leading 550+ TMT Steel Bars

Sangam Steel, a flagship product by OfBusiness, stands as a prominent player in the production of high-quality reinforcement steel in India. Our extensive range of TMX products signifies our commitment to delivering excellence in construction materials

Benefiting from two strategically located integrated manufacturing units in central India, we take pride in supplying premium-quality TMX Bars throughout the country. Our emphasis on integrated steel making units provides a distinct advantage, ensuring the production of pure and clean steel. This process results in steel that is free from impurities and contamination, ultimately contributing to high strength and superior bending properties at the most competitive cost.

Sangam TMT is not only a symbol of quality but also a testament to our dedication to delivering reliable and robust construction solutions. Our TMX products are crafted with precision to meet the diverse needs of construction projects across India, making Sangam Steel a trusted name in the reinforcement steel industry.

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We take pride in being the leading reinforcement steel producer in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, showcasing a superior range of TMT products and technological leadership in manufacturing. A recent addition to the OfBusiness Group, Sangam Steel defines quality through our Integrated Steel Plant in Wardha, Maharashtra, consistently delivering the highest quality steel....

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